First Trip

It was a dream come true! My first trip with Friendship Force.
Where did I (we) go? Japan, with some beautiful experiences. I was so pleasantly surprised at the welcome we received by our hosts in Tokyo, Matsuyama (near Hiroshima), and Osaka. We were immediately immersed in the families and cultures of the country.

We arrived when the cherry blossoms were in bloom, and it was a floral paradise. Our hosts were anxious to provide us with as many experiences as they could in the short time we were visiting. I believe they accomplished it. The 3 different localities afforded variation significant enough to almost feel like we were in different countries.

The 3 things that remain in my memory were the replica of the Statue of Liberty in the bay in Tokyo, the visit to the city and museum in Hiroshima, and the capital city of Osaka. But beyond the sights, I found that Friendship Force was the way to meet and make friends, not only in the places we travel, but among our fellow travelers. Viva the Friendship Force!!!

Submitted by Claire Orth, Friendship Force Northern Illinois