Two Teachers



Jean Wilson and Maria Inez C. Dias
(São Carlos, Brazil)

Maria surprised me with her ability to speak excellent English—until I discovered that she had been an English professor in Rio de Janeiro and São
Carlos, Brazil.

We quickly found other traits in common, including the fact that we had both been language teachers (though different languages.) Her computer skills
were impressive, and she was at ease with the latest technology. She accessed and answered her email, and sent e-letters to friends in Brazil, describing her host (me) and her home for this week.

Maria surprised me in many ways. She had traveled extensively throughout the world and this was her third visit to the Chicago area. I wondered what we might do that would be a new experience for her. Well, she said she would like to see this town (Libertyville, IL). I took her on a local tour of the village—schools, churches, hospital, parks, the small boutiques which dot our main street, and even a local gym. During our drive we compared our town/city, our lives, work, family, interests—all the things that make The Friendship Force a wonderful part of our lives.

Maria and I exchanged cards and email at Christmas, and we will surely continue to keep in touch through our future years. Thank you to The Friendship Force for a delightful new friend.