Window to the World

Over the years the Friendship Force has provided me with a wonderful WINDOW TO THE WORLD…

Sleeping in a tent at a refugee camp, under the brilliant starry Algerian desert sky, sipping tea and having camel for dinner – Where can you get that on a tour?

Wandering around an Iranian Garden, meeting some students and then inviting them for tea. And 7 years later, still in contact with the student and meeting them again in Iran–what an experience!

Going on a MYSTERY TRIP and being greeted at a Japan airport by hosts all masked, because it was a MYSTERY!!!!

Having a conversation with your host about how it was living in Germany after the war, and with former East German hosts telling about life under the Soviets.

Friendship Force has enriched my life. I have met wonderful, marvelous people that I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise. What a great organization.

Submitted by

Caryl Mikrut, Friendship Force Northern Illinois