Who’s Coming

For 2018, we have two Inbound Journeys scheduled.

Niagara, Canada

From June 3-9 we will host ambassadors from Ontario, Canada’s Niagara region, just north of Buffalo, New York.  Many of their ambassadors have never been to our area, while others haven’t been here for many years, so they are eager to see Chicago and northern Illinois.  Of course, we will also provide our usual FFNI hospitality and friendship.  The itinerary will include two days in Chicago, with the remaining time to be spent in the suburbs, or unscheduled.

The Journey Coordinator for Niagara is Marcia Weissman.

Oklahoma, USA

Our domestic inbound journey will be Oklahoma.  Based in Oklahoma City, this club represents the entire state.  They will visit us from August 23-29.  They will be able to participate in our bi-annual International Dinner on August 26, and we will have a number of other sights to show them as well.