About Us

Northern Illinois – A Place of Wonderful Diversity

We would love to welcome you to Northern Illinois! There are so many things to do, and so many different kinds of places to see.

Of course, Northern Illinois includes Chicago, a world-class city filled with museums, art, music, parks, skyscrapers, and great restaurants. Chicago was built by people from many countries and cultures, and contains neighborhoods that speak to the history and heritage of all of them. You can hear grand opera and blues, see plays by Shakespeare and the most modern playwrights, and experience the cuisine of every part of the world. Our magnificent lakefront provides beauty and entertainment in every season.
But Northern Illinois is much more. From suburban homes to small-town shops to country roads, there is something for everyone. We have parks and nature preserves, lakes and rivers, industry, commerce, and agriculture. You can visit old river towns with antique shops and charming lunchrooms. Explore a variety of houses of worship with their beautiful and meaningful symbols. Experience a range of architecture from Frank Lloyd Wright to Frank Gehry. Enjoy a magnificent botanic garden, watch horse-racing, or hike through one of our state parks.

The members of Friendship Force of Northern Illinois are delighted to share our homes and our home-town with you.