A Return Visit

Three years ago (May, 2010), our FFNI chapter hosted Friendship Force Ambassadors from Kalispell, Montana. I had the good fortune to host Patty Sevier, a delightful lady who enjoyed a week here in the ‘burbs’. We had a great time, tooling around the area, seeing the Botanic Garden and Chicago sights in Millennium Park such as Cloud Gate (“the Bean”), the unique fountains, the music pavilion, and on and on.  Later in the week my vivacious day host, Kat York, escorted us on a visit to the fabulous Milwaukee Art Museum.  I urge all hosts to include this on their agenda for guests — it’s not to be missed!  To put it in a nutshell this was a fun week.

So now we skip three years ahead to July, 2013 and FFNI is scheduled to go to (ta-da fanfare, please) Kalispell, Montana!  And who is hosting me??  Patty Sevier, of course. What luck!  In spite of the busy schedule, we tucked in time here and there to “just chat” and I’ll leave it up to you readers to guess that we did that in spades!  Pictures! I returned with hundreds of photos of gorgeous mountain scenery and the most endearing people ever.  Another FF member, Tammy, had volunteered to do the driving. We toured Glacier National Park, the National Bison Range, lakes and towns–and relatives, too.

“The Baby Shower” for Patty’s niece was a blast and the little baby-shoe favor is my remembrance. Many thanks to Patty, Tammy, and all the FF members in Kalispell for an unforgettable week.

Jean Wilson