San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Exchange completed in July

We had a 5 ½ day incoming exchange with the San Antonio Friendship Force club. They were a delightful 11 participants who arrived either through O’Hare airport or by way of Amtrak through Union Station. We had blazing heat and torrential rains which they took in stride. They are certainly used to heat and hoped we could send some of our rain to Texas. We were sweltering (especially me) in the heat, but they all were great sports. Chicago was very cooperative in that after this heavy downpour and clouds hiding all the tall buildings, the skies magically opened up to a clear view from the 95th Restaurant at the top of the Hancock building. Diana Sanders, ED

San Antonio exchange – comments received and shared by FFNI Home hosts:
• Laura Wilson was amazed at the greenery in our area. She repeatedly commented on the many trees, shrubs, green lawns etc. She said that Texas was dry and brown, so she appreciated all the lovely GREEN. She loved the Botanic Garden and the beautiful parks in Libertyville– very happy with all our visits. Jean Wilson

• Steve Hallford asked me why many of our fire hydrants have an “antenna” sticking up from them. I chuckled and told him the appendage was not an antenna, it was an indicator of their location when buried under 3 feet of snow for the firemen and snow plowers! Jeanne Minorini