Officers & Board

Friendship Force of Northern Illinois


President Christine Oliver
Vice President Dean DiBrito
Secretary Joan Harrington
Treasurer Brian Harrington
Board Members
Past President Marcia Weissman
Executive Standing Committees
Membership Dean DiBrito
Social Kat York
Communications Joan Harrington
Ways & Means Ludwina Homer & Joan Harrington
Executive Exchange Coordinator Pat Meyer
Current Journey Coordinators
Western North Carolina Joan Harrington
Niagara, Canada Marcia Weissman
Oklahoma  Sally Coyle & Scott Oliver
Standing Committees
History/Archives Kat York
Merchandise Sally Coyle
Mentoring Pat Meyer
Service Scott Oliver
Newsletter Dave Meyer
Website Marcia Weissman

The Board meets 6 times each year, in the month previous to the General Meetings. All members are welcome to attend board meetings, although only board members may vote on motions. Check the calendar for the location of each meeting. Please inform the President and host if you plan to attend a board meeting.